About the Center

CEME is a vibrant and scholarly organization whereby practitioners, policy makers, and our faculty and students can engage in mutually beneficial projects that will lead to evidence-based practice and improved educational outcomes for children and families in our region. Our goal is to connect the expertise of the faculty of the College of Education to schools and related agencies in order to assist educational policy makers and administrators make informed decisions about educational policy.

Who We Are The Center is a collaborative project of College of Education faculty from various disciplines. Faculty from Educational Research, Educational Leadership, and Instructional Systems Technology are involved along with faculty members from other departments.

Services Provide a vehicle through which university faculty can establish new and enhance existing research collaborations with educational practitioners in our region. Provide program evaluation services o local schools and related agencies. Provide statistical, methodological, and measurement expertise and technical assistance to local schools and related agencies. Provide expertise in the area of educational administration and leadership to local schools and related agencies.